Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan


Our Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan is now at the stage where the Forum and Torbay Council are finally finding an Assessor to hold an Assessment of the Plan.  So if you are a potential Assessor we very much hope you will Tender for the role.  We consider our Plan’s status as one of three Neighbourhood Plans which together cover 100% of the administrative area of Torbay Council and the working relations between the Forum Volunteers and Council Officers should provide for a very interesting Assessment.  You can find more information here:

The Neighbourhood Plan has already been through the Regulation 16 Publication stage from 1 November 2017 to 18 December 2017.  This followed the Submission of the plan to Torbay Council some 3 months earlier on 21st August 2017 in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  The Regulation 16 publication comments can be found here:

Amongst the Regulation 16 Publication stage representations are some very interesting representations from different Torbay Council Officers.  These all raise issues with the Plan but importantly they also appear to conflict with each other and they appear to state they are from the (Full) Council when it appears they are in fact they are from Council Officers.  These representations will have to be considered in the Assessment and the Forum will need to respond to them.

To assist the Assessor and improve the working relations, the new Executive Lead for Planning, Deputy Mayor and Cllr Derek Mills has convened a series of regular meetings between all 3 Neighbourhood Forums and Council Officers.  The 3 Forums have also submitted a question to the Full Council to clarify the status of the Council Officer representations and are attempting to work with Officers on a “Statement of Common Ground” document, similar to that which would be produced in a Section 78 planning appeal situation.  More information on these meetings is available through the Meetings page of this website.

The documents set which was published at Regulation 16 stage is on the Regulation 16 Publication page of this website.  The plan was informed by the very substantial amount of feedback we received.  The 242 page Consultation Statement sets, available on the Regulation 16 Publication page of this website, sets out further detail in relation to this.

That feedback was in part on an earlier Regulation 14 Consultation draft version of the plan which was out for consultation for 6 weeks from 28th January to 11th March 2017.  This is available through the Regulation 14 Consultation page of this website.

If you have questions, the Help tab allows you to contact the Forum and provides contact details for the Town Clerk’s Office in Brixham Town Council.