Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan

Current situation
Our Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan has now been Examined.
The Examiner’s Report is here:
Examiner’s Report of Deborah McCann
The associated draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is here:
Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan, Submission draft, August 2017

Next steps
The next step if for the Elected Councillors of Torbay Council to consider the recommendations of the Examiner.  They are required to determined whether they agree with them or not, in accordance with the legislation.  For this purposes there is to be a special Torbay Council meeting, currently arranged for 27 September 2018.

Previously – The Examination
The examination of the 3 neighbourhood plans in Torbay followed 3 different processes.  For Torquay there was a hearing.  For Paignton there was an exploratory meeting.  For Brixham Peninsula there were written representations only.
The Forum correspondence to the told the Examiner is here:
Forum Representation, 15 December 2017
Forum Representation, 28 May 2018
Forum Representation, 2 June 2018
Forum Representation, 20 June 2018
Forum Representation, 2 July 2018

Previously – Plan Submission and Publication
The plan previously went through the Regulation 16 Publication stage from 1 November 2017 to 18 December 2017.  This followed the Submission of the plan to Torbay Council some 3 months earlier on 21st August 2017.
Comments received are here:
Regulation 16 Representations on Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan

Previously – Plan Preparation and Consultation
More information about the plan preparation and consultation stages is here:
Brixham Peninsula Consultation Statement
Earlier drafts of the plan here:
Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan, Regulation 14 draft, January 2017
Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan, first draft, April 2014

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