Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan


On 2nd May voters in the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan area have the chance to vote on whether, yes,  they want the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan’s approval at referendum means that all applications for new building will have to acknowledge the policies created by the community.

Those community policies determine:

  • Where new building can and can’t go
  • How those new buildings should look
  • What important Green Spaces are protected
  • Boundaries to settlement sprawl – protection of countryside

The policies also have an important and direct bearing on:

  • Environmental, transport and health issues in your neighbourhood
  • The regeneration of Brixham Town Centre
  • The survival and sustainable growth of Tourism, Fisheries, Agriculture and Local Business
  • The supply of affordable housing for local residents

These are just the highlights of a comprehensive and sophisticated plan based entirely on in-depth consultation with your community.  To see the plan click here.