This page allows you to access Minutes of meetings as follows:

Forum Meetings
The Forum meets in public to make key decisions.  Meetings are minuted by Forum volunteers and a the formal record of Minutes is maintained by the Town Clerk on the Brixham Town Council website here:
Minutes of latest meeting (n.b. you need to scroll to the bottom of the page)
Archive of previous meeting Minutes
Minutes of recent meetings are also available here:
If you think you can take better Minutes than current volunteers do that’s great!  Please contact the Town Clerk’s office and come along and help!

Reference Group Meetings
There are meetings between the Brixham Peninsula Forum, Paignton Forum, Torquay Forum, Elected Councillors, and Torbay Council Officers.  Minutes are available here:
December 2017 (Approved)
January 2018 (Approved) and Crownhall-v-CDC-and-LPC  case referred to
Question to Full Council of Torbay Council January 2018 (Sent)
February 2018 (Approved)
March 2018 (Approved)
April 2018 (Approved)
May 2018 (Approved)
June 2018 (Approved)
July 2018 (Approved)
August 2018 (Approved)
August 2018 (Approved)
September 2018 (Draft)

Other Meetings
There have also been meetings between the Brixham Peninsula Forum and other groups.  The notes below were recorded by Forum members.
September 2018 and Feeney v OCC 2011 EWHC 2699 (Admin) case referred to