Referendum – 2nd May

The Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan comprises 10 documents:
1 – Policy Document
2 – Policy Maps

The Policy Document and the Policy Maps set out the Policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.  It is suggested readers of the plan may wish to read these first before looking at the other documents. 

You may find it easiest to look at the Policy Map in the areas you are interested in and cross reference the relevant policies (e.g., protection of local greenspace etc) to the Policy Document.

3 – Housing Site Assessment
4 – Employment Site Assessment
5 – Green Space Site Assessment
6 – Broadsands Village Design Statement
7 – Churston Village Design Statement
8 – Galmpton Village Design Statement
9 – Brixham Town Design Statement
10 – Brixham Town Center Master Plan

The plan at submission stage was supported by the following documents:
i – AECOM Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening
ii – AECOM Strategic Environmental Assessment
iii – AECOM Housing Site Assessment

The submitted AECOM HRA has been updated:
AECOM Habitat Regulations Assessment Appropriate Assessment (November 2018)
and Torbay Council have produced their own separate HRA:
Torbay Council Habitat Regulations Assessment Appropriate Assessment (March 2019)